Rent Website is a division of ProConSol; which has been in business for over a half of a decade with focus on Information Technology. Rent Website is a division with internal and external network of web designers, technical specialists and copy writers who have only your needs in mind. The idea behind Rent Website division is simplicity and complexity when necessary; meaning that we have basic simple Web Services for a business, organisation or individual who wants basic website to convey message or high-end website that conveys message as well as create a lasting impression whilst having extensive capabilities such as Content Management System, Mailing Lists, eCommerce and so forth.

Rent Website makes Web Services far much easier for a client who needs basics; however for those clients who require advanced Web Services capabilities – we walk through with the client to ensure understanding and expected results.

Our pricing is competitive whilst we provide flexibility from choice of website options, be it template based or totally custom website  or other webservices; and our turn-around time is impressive and satisfaction is a pride of our clients thus far. We uncomplicate web services.

Our Motto: "A Website is an Imperative"

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